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The polygraph test, or “lie detector test” is a device that measures physiological responses like breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and perspiration. The underlying principle of the polygraph test is that when human beings lie they get measurably anxious and tense.

Secure Polygraph Solutions is a polygraph lie detector test company in Cape Town, South Africa, established in 2012 and is committed to truthfulness. They use a polygraph test also known as lie detector test in detecting honest answers.
The candidate is asked specific polygraph test questions while connected to sensors that will gather physiological details. This can be a very intimidating experience but the polygraph test questions will be
discussed before the test starts.
After being attached to four or six sensors, the polygraph test will begin with a pre-check interview to gain a few preliminary records in an effort to later be used for control questions. This is known as the“control question check”. Often, the interviewer may also ask the testee to intentionally lie several times to check their responses. This is a“directed lie test”. They will also ask questions like:“have you ever ever stolen something?”(even the most honest individual has “stolen” a pen from work or a sweet from their sibling which concerns them enough to reveal a strain reaction whilst answering).
Even though a lie detector test is mainly used for police investigations, it can also be used for employment screening purposes and tracing services. In most instances, the polygraph test results will be discussed with the candidate, however, there are some lie detector tests which requires additional quality control before the final results are released.
A confidential written report can be requested.
For trustworthy polygraph test and verification services,look no further.
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